So, you've found out that your account is banned. 
Hopefully, this short article will shed some light on the situation. Please read on :)

We continuously perform security checks on user accounts and, therefore, we want to inform you that your account was banned due to suspicious activity detected on it. 

Below, we've listed some of the most common reasons user accounts get flagged.
- Playing an illegally downloaded game (from unofficial sites, referral links, etc.)
- Tampering with the game in any way or using external tools to break it
- Exploiting game mechanics to gain unfair advantages
- Any kind of harassment against your fellow players

You can find more information about online conduct rules in Article 4 of our Terms of Use here.

We're sure that you understand the importance of fair play and won't blame us for trying our best to preserve it!

If you've read through our Terms of Use and are positive that your account was falsely banned, feel free to check out this article.