Street Cred Events do not involve leaderboards against other players; your skills and the time taken are the only measures of success

Events of this type consist of many missions split into Phases. The main goal is to get enough Cred from these missions to spin the Reward Roulette until you acquire all (or desired) rewards.

Complete a mission once to unlock next one and possibly skip missions you don't like. Play missions a few times to have enough Cred before the event ends. Notice that by using special Event Items (bundle-only) you can both decrease the number of replays and bypass mission starting conditions (like item type restrictions, item gear score limits, etc.).

To unlock the main reward, receive all its pieces from the Roulette (golden tiles). You also can get additional Cred at the city; it spawns in few places each day during the active Event.

Unspent Cred will automatically be exchanged into Cash at the Event's end. Event items of current Event won't help towards the next one.