If you're reading this article, it probably means that you've already checked out the ""My account is banned! Why?"" FAQ and are positive that you didn't violate any in-game rules.

In case you haven't read that FAQ, you can find the list of possible violations that lead to account suspension here.

Here is how to contest your account ban in three easy steps:

Step 1
- Go to our Self-Help page here
- Fill out the form
(Please make sure you've added your Player ID! Here's how to find your Player ID in Gangstar Vegas:  Settings > Account, or Settings > Question mark > Credits).
o Enter your email
o Select ""Banned Account"" from the Problem Category drop-down list
- Select ""Submit"" and complete the CAPTCHA
- Check your email -- there should be an auto-reply with the Conversation ID (bottom-right corner)

Step 2
- Open the game.
- Tap the "Customer Care" icon on the banned account message pop-up.
- Insert the same email address and Conversation ID that you received in the auto-reply at the end of Step 1.
- Select "Submit."

Step 3
- Wait for one of our Customer Care Agents to reach out.
- Be patient :)