Starting with version 3.0.x, games downloaded from the Samsung or Huawei stores will no longer support 32-bit devices.

You should be able to check whether your device is 32 bit or 64 bit, by going to ""Settings"" > ""System"" or ""About Phone"" and looking for ""Kernel Architecture."" If the kernel architecture doesn't contain 64-bit strings, it means it's 32 bit.

Note: It may vary on each device. While on some devices you will need to tap on ""Android version,"" on other devices you might have to look for device specs provided by the phone manufacturer or store. You may also find various applications that could assist you in this matter.

If you find that your device is running a 32-bit version, don't worry: As long as your device meets the minimum requirements, it should still be supported in the Google Play Store.

However, before deleting the previous version of the game, please make sure to have your account linked. This can be done through the ""Game Options"" > ""Gameloft Connect"" > ""Connect.""