The Star Path is a season-based mission system inspired by the idea of a “Battle Pass” used to reward players for completing various missions and tasks during an in-game season. The player has a full season to complete a set of duties to receive seasonal cosmetic items (e.g., clothing items, companions, furniture sets, etc.). A season’s duration is currently planned to last for one month, but as we continue to receive community feedback this may be adjusted to enhance the gameplay experience.

The Star Path has two progression tracks, each with unique rewards:

• Standard Star Path track: The standard track is accessible to everyone in the base-level game with the purchase of a Founder’s Pack Edition.

• Premium Star Path track (optional): The premium track is unlocked with Moonstones and offers players the ability to accelerate their progression in the Star Path (and skip missions) by spending Moonstones.

While Moonstone usage in the Star Path will unlock extra cosmetic rewards for players interested in gaining more items throughout their season, purchasing more in-game currency with real money is not required to enjoy the base game.  More